Our Vision and Our Values

Our Vision and Our Values

Our Vision

Our mission is to be recognized as the preeminent provider of distinctive medical and mental health services in the county and municipal level correctional healthcare field and to be respected nationally for the value, innovation and excellence of our programs. To achieve this overriding objective, we will:

  • Strive, in delivering our programs and services, to maintain our long-term relationships with all of our external clients, including sheriffs, wardens and county executives;
  • Provide continuously outstanding quality and value measurable in our clients’ evaluations and in meeting state and national standards;
  • Focus on niche services and ancillary offerings that uniquely serve the discrete needs of our clients at affordable prices;
  • Best serve the interests of our clients and CONMED by keeping an eye on the bottom line while not competing solely on price; and
  • Ensure that all our activities support our vision to be a leading resource nationwide for county and municipal level correctional healthcare services.

Our Values

In day-to-day operations and across the nation, we cultivate a particular set of values, always holding firm in our belief that:

  • Our clients are everyone with whom we have contact, including sheriffs, wardens, county executives, physicians, nurses, vendors and CONMED shareholders;
  • Our clients have the right to our best performance, without exception;
  • Our foremost responsibility is to make intelligent commitments and to be uncompromising in our efforts to fulfill them;
  • Critical measures of our effectiveness are both our clients’ positive feelings about working with us — and being referred by them 100% of the time;
  • In all we do we must aspire to a “high level of personal touch,” distinctive quality, intellectual honesty, clinical integrity, cooperation and goodwill;
  • Our response, when we fail, will be characterized by grace and a timely, cost-effective and skillful remedy;
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with professionalism, loyalty and dignity, and we must conduct ourselves accordingly;
  • Our attitude should consistently communicate a bias towards “YES,” and within our staff, our impulse should be to help, support, and honor each engagement and the individuals involved; and
  • Every CONMED employee should follow this Company credo in thought, word and actions.